Patiala: the wife asks the man to do the Covid-19 test, she is assaulted

PATIALA: The Patiala have hired a man for a criminal assault and a dishonorable woman after he allegedly cut hair from his wife, who had asked him to be tested in the midst of the coronavirus threat.

Police said the incident took place after heated discussions between the couple. The defendant has been identified as Bharpoor Singh from a village on the block. He works as a combined operator and had returned home from work on Sunday.

According to the , on Monday wife of the accused had asked him to get a medical check-up done as he had come home after spending few days out due to work. The accused, however, refused to do so. Things escalated between the couple, following which the accused assaulted her and then cut off her hair .

The station officer (SHO) of the Patran Police Station said that the accused had been arrested and that a case was registered against him on the complaint of his wife. The SHO added that the defendant assaulted the plaintiff while allegedly under the influence of alcohol.