Prime Minister Modi welcomes the decision of the armed forces to honor the Covid-19 warriors

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the initiative to undertake various activities on May 3 on Friday as a sign of gratitude to the Covid-19 warriors.

I appreciate today's announcements. India has waged a fierce fight against Covid-19 due to the brave front-line warriors who have worried and healed many. They are spectacular. India applauds them and their families, read a tweet from the prime minister. .

Our Armed Forces have always kept the nation safe. Even in times of disaster, they are there helping people. Now, our Forces are, in a unique way, thanking our frontline COVID-19 warriors for their effort. to make India COVID-19 free, added the prime minister.

Speaking to a press conference here along with three chiefs of service on Friday, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) had said that the Armed Forces would undertake some activities on May 3 to show the solidarity of the first-rate soldiers. line with the Covid. 19 warriors.

On behalf of the military, we want to thank all the Covid-19 warriors. Doctors, nurses, health workers, police, home guards, delivery men and the media, who have been communicating with the government's message on how to get on with living through difficult times, General Rawat said.

The armed forces will organize multiple events such as IAF combat air flights and transport planes from Srinagar to Thiruvanthapuram, and from Dibrugarh to Kacchh.

IAF and Indian Navy helicopters will be raining flower petals at hospitals treating patients with Covid-19.

The Indian and Navy Coast Guard (ICG) will move ships in formations at sea in select locations, while Army gangs will visit hospitals and play songs outside of hospitals in an expression of gratitude to the warriors.

The three chiefs of service will place a flower wreath at the Police Memorial on the morning of May 3, to honor police personnel for their efforts, read an official statement.