Supreme Court seeks status report of Maharashtra Palghar lynching probe

NEW DELHI: On Friday they asked the Maharashtra police to submit within four weeks a report detailing the status of the investigation into the lynching of two 'sadhus' of Joona Akhara along with their 30-year-old driver by a mob in Palghar on April 16 despite the blockade. in force.

A bank of judges Ashok Bhushan and Sanjiv Khanna asked PIL petitioner Shashank Shekhar Jha to deliver a copy of his petition to the permanent lawyer in Maharashtra. Maharashtra police will report on the status of the investigation, the bank said. Jha has sought an investigation led by a retired SC Judge in the lynching case or by a SIT constituted by SC.

The two Akhara religious figures along with their driver were going from Mumbai to Surat to attend the funeral of another religious figure. Citing media reports, the petitioner said that his car was stopped by a mob of more than 200 people as they passed Gadhchinchale Village, Kosa, Palghar, Maharashtra. After stopping the car, the mob overturned the car and started throwing rocks. This happened despite the entire country being closed since March 25.

When no one was allowed to leave their home and everyone was asked to follow the social distancing, the gathering of so many people at the scene of the incident raises great suspicion about the role of the police, he alleged. The petitioner said that the police arrived at the scene and arrested the three people, but the mob removed them from the police vehicle, mercilessly assaulted them while the police observed them, and killed them with sticks, bars and knives.

During this incident, the police took no action to protect these innocent men from the mob. A video showed a police officer pushing the sadhus into the crowd as they sought their protection. It is tragic since Joona Akhara historically fought against invaders to protect Kashi (Varanasi). Furthermore, they were the first to fight the British through the Sannyasi Rebellion. Attacking them is more like an attack on our society at large and could cause social unrest, he said.

While requesting an investigation supervised by a retired judge or by SIT/CBI, the petitioner requested an instruction from the SC to transfer the trial from Palghar, Maharashtra to the fast track court of the Saket Court, Delhi or any other fast track court in Delhi . The petitioner also asked the court to direct the FIR registry against the police officers who made mistakes that did nothing to save the three people from the mafia.