The Aarogya Setu app will be mandatory for all employees before resuming work in the office

NEW DELHI: Amid a debate over the feasibility of making it mandatory for public and private sector employees to download the Aarogya app, sources said the law empowers authorities to seek full compliance.

The Interior Ministry guidelines issued on Friday said that the use of the Setu application will be mandatory for all employees, both private and public. He said it will be the boss's responsibility to ensure compliance.

The Aarogya Setu app is expected to download when employees resume work. Sources said the head of the organization will have to issue an order or letter urging employees to download the application that is seen by the organization. government as a key tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Source acknowledged that given limited penetration of smart phones, the effort may be more of nudge now but the government remains serious about promoting its use. Those in containment zones will have to download the App. "The head of the organisation will have to issue a letter to employees saying you are expected to download this ," an official said. He said this is part of the standard operating procedures including sanitation that has to be followed before resumption of work.

The use of the Aarogya Setu application is part of the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior that highlight the national directives for the management of Covid-19. Annex 2 of the guidelines describes the offenses and penalties for violation of the blocking measures. It has specific punishment for obstruction, false claim or warning.