National production of medical devices increased

NEW DELHI: Amid growing demand for medical equipment to cope with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the Center said Friday that it has been increased nationally to ensure sufficient oxygen cylinders, personal protective equipment (PPE) ), masks and RT-PCR test kits

The government said the projected demand for ventilators in hospitals to combat the Covid-19 outbreak is 75,000. To fulfill this, it has placed orders for 60,884 fans, of which 59,884 will be supplied by national manufacturers, which represents more than 98% of those placed so far.

Similarly, EPP production has increased from around 3,300 per day in March to 1.86 lakh per day now. Faced with a projected PPE demand of Rs 2.2 million, required by healthcare workers in the next three months, 1.42 Rs million units will be manufactured in the country.

P D Vaghela of the Secretary for Pharmaceutical Products, who also heads an Empowered Group formed to guarantee medical supplies during the crisis, said there were many challenges to reaching this level. But we take the challenge as an opportunity to create supply chains and increase domestic manufacturing capacity, he said.