Covid-19: the government orders 60,884 fans, of which 59,884 will be manufactured by national companies

NEW DELHI: The government said on Friday that it ordered 60,884 fans, of which 59,884 will be manufactured by domestic manufacturers and 1,000 will be imported.

The measure aims to encourage the national manufacture of medical equipment required in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a press conference on the COVID-19 situation in the country, Pharmaceutical Secretary P D Vaghela, who is the president of Empowered Group-3, said that there are currently 19,398 fans available in the country.

The main domestic players for this include Bharat Electronics Ltd (in collaboration with Skanray) from whom 30,000 fans have been ordered, AgVa (in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki Ltd) to whom 10,000 fans have been placed and AMTZ (AP Medtech Zone) to which 13,500 fans have been placed, Vaghela said.

Regarding oxygen and oxygen cylinders, he said the country was self-sufficient in both.

The total oxygen manufacturing capacity is 6,400 MT, of which about 1,000 MT is used for medical oxygen, he said, adding that there are 5 large and 600 small manufacturers of oxygen.

About 409 hospitals have their own oxygen generation and there are about 1,050 cryogenic tankers in the country, Vaghela said.

More than 4 lakh of oxygen cylinders are available; sufficient for current requirements. Orders for more than 1 lakh of oxygen cylinders have been placed and industrial oxygen is being converted to medical oxygen, he added.

Conversion orders for 60,000 cylinders have already been issued.

In (PPE), Vaghela said the government has ordered 2.22 million PPE, of which Rs 1.42 million worth of orders has been placed with domestic manufacturers and 80 lakh PPE are being imported.

Previously, there was no domestic manufacture of PPE in the country and almost all of them were imported.

In a short period of time, 107 manufacturers have been identified and facilitated, who have increased their daily production to around 1.87 lakh PPE, he added.

In addition to the existing materials testing laboratory, i.e. SITRA (South), Coimbatore, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Ordinance Factory Board have added 9 new laboratories in various locations in the country, Vaghela said .

Affirming that the projected demand for N-95/N-99 masks as of June has been estimated at Rs 2.72 million, he added that orders worth Rs 2.49 million have already been placed for such masks, of which orders for value of 1.49 crore has been with national manufacturers and approximately 1 crore of N-95 masks are being imported.

Regarding diagnostic kits, Vaghela said that in the face of a demand for 35 lakh combined RT-PCR kits, orders have been placed for 21.35 lakh of such kits, of which orders for 2 lakh kits were awarded to manufacturers nationals.

As of Friday, a total of 13.75 lakh RT-PCR combo kits have been received, he said.

To keep a record on the production and supply of medicines and medical equipment on a continuous basis, two control rooms have been established in (DoP) and the National Pharmaceutical Price Authority (NPPA) for daily monitoring of production and supplies, Vaghela said.

On the availability of stocks of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), he said that its production has increased from 12.23 crore tablets to 30 crore per month.