FA accuses England defender Trippier of betting infractions

LONDON: The football association has loaded England defender Kieran Trippier in violation of their betting rules.

The alleged misconduct occurred in July 2019, the month he left Tottenham for Atletico Madrid .

I have fully complied with the FA investigation in recent months on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so, Trippier said in a statement. I want to make it clear that although I am a professional footballer, at no time have I placed bets related to football or received any financial benefits from other bets.

An alleged rule violation relates to the prohibition on players gambling directly or indirectly, or instructing, permitting, causing, or allowing anyone to gamble on aspects of games or information, including transfers, team selection, or the employment of managers .

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The second charge is over the ban on providing "information relating to football which the participant has obtained by virtue of his or her position within the game and which is not publicly available at that time" for betting purposes.

Trippier tiene hasta el 18 de mayo for dar una respuesta a la FA.