Rajasthan: MLA Congress beats liquor stores, says alcohol can kill viruses

KOTA: Sangod Congress, MLA, sent letter to Prime Minister Thursday Ashok Gehlot He expressed concern about the increase in the manufacture and sale of illegal products made in the country and urged him to grant permission to open liquor stores in the state.

In the letter, the MLA said that the closure of the liquor stores had broken the backbone of the state's economy and led to the sale and manufacture of illegal liqueurs made in the country.

When alcohol can remove the Covid-19 virus by hand washing, it is sure to remove the virus from the throat in one gulp, Singh argued, and demanded that the state government grant permission to open liquor stores.

Given that the demand for liquor in the middle of the closure is higher in the markets, as appreciated by lovers of alcoholic beverages, the illegal manufacture and sale of liquors made in the country is not only causing great losses to the state's revenues, but which also damages the health of drunkards.

The MLA also referred to the incident in the town of Halena in which two people lost their sight and died after the country consumed liquor and the state government's decision to increase excise duties on liquor to compensate for the loss of income during the closing.

The goal of generating revenue of Rs 12.5 billion from liquor sales in 2020-2021 seems impossible due to the blockade, he said, recommending that it is better to allow liquor stores to open so that the state government can generate revenue.

In particular, another MLA from the Bhadara area in Balwan Singh Punia wrote a letter to Gehlot urging him to grant permission to open liquor stores in the state in the midst of the closure.

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