It is not appropriate to conclude that the result of the biological warfare coronavirus: CDS

NEW DELHI: The chief of general said on Friday that it was not appropriate to conclude that it is the result of biological warfare and that one had to wait to find the answer to its origin.

He made the comments while answering a question on the subject in a press in the presence of the three chiefs of service.

It is not appropriate to conclude that the new coronavirus outbreak is the result of biological warfare. Everyone is trying to find the answer, said the Chief of Defense Staff.

The american president Donald trump He had previously said that the deadly virus originated in a virology laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan before it spread across the world and claimed more than 2.33,000 lives and shattered global economies.

But Trump's comments undermined a rare public statement from his own intelligence community, which claimed they had not made such an assessment if the Covid-19 outbreak started through contact with infected animals or was the result of an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan.

Since the virus outbreak first came to light in Wuhan in December, there has been speculation about whether the viral strain originated from China's Prime Minister (WIV) or his nearby seafood market Huanan. The United States has launched an investigation into whether the deadly virus escaped from WIV.

China has vigorously rejected the allegations.

On whether India was seeking an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus amid China's guilty allegations, government sources said: India is focusing on fighting the pandemic at this point. We can always re-examine this question once this pandemic is behind us.

In his media interaction, he exuded confidence that India would soon be able to present a vaccine against the virus.

We are very confident in the capabilities of our scientists, he said.

General Rawat held the press conference to announce that the Indian Armed Forces will fly over, light ships at sea and play military gangs on Sunday to show their appreciation to thousands of people including doctors and paramedics involved in the country's fight against the pandemic .