Guidelines of the Ministry of Health on the use of PPE by non-Covid medical personnel

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Health on Friday issued guidelines on the rational use of (PPE) by health officials working in non-Covid hospitals and treatment areas.

The ministry stated that health personnel working in a high-risk area, such as the emergency department or those handling patients with severe acute respiratory infection in the ambulance, should be dressed in the full complement of PPE.

The full complement of PPE includes N-95, overalls, goggles, nitrile exam gloves, and shoe cover.

In addition to this, the ministry said that health officials working in a moderate risk environment, such as the dental chamber, the review clinic, the ICU, the work room, the operating room, the laboratory, should wear a medical mask. triple layer, mask, sterile latex gloves and protective glasses.

Those working in the hospital's low-risk area, such as a help desk, doctor's chamber, pharmacy counter, ward room, radiodiagnosis, have been recommended to wear triple-layer medical masks and latex examination gloves. Personnel working in low-risk areas should only wear masks.

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In addition to this, the ministry has also advised them to take standard precautions, not to use PPE as an alternative to basic preventive public health, and to follow the respiratory label.

Always follow the established protocol for disposing of PPE as detailed in the infection prevention and control guidelines available on the MoHFW website. Additionally, patients and their assistants are encouraged to put on facial covers, the guidelines said.