Outlining the containment area great challenge; needs 100% effort: center

NEW DELHI: As the country moves closer to easing the national blockade, forced to stem the spread, on Friday it said the biggest challenge is adequately delineating areas in areas where cases are reported.

Responding to a query related to the categorization of districts in various zones, the Joint Secretary, Health, said: The biggest challenge is not whether any district has been classified as a red or orange zone, the challenge is that the area where cases have occurred is to properly delineate the containment areas.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that the containment zones should be properly delineated taking into account the mapping of cases and contacts, the geographical dispersion of cases and contacts, the areas with a well-defined perimeter and the enforceability.

Agarwal also detailed various measures to be undertaken in the containment area.

Depending on the containment area, how many surveillance teams have been formed (to address the spread of the virus)? Do these surveillance teams visit homes in the area daily? They are not leaving any case? area? He said, adding that if this is not fixed, any efforts we have made will eventually fail.

He stressed that whenever cases have been reported, containment efforts should be 100%, and only these would help stop the spread of the disease.

The Ministry of Health said that the red and orange zones have been defined in such a way that it is guaranteed that no critical area of ‚Äč‚Äčintervention is lost at the field level. Ruthless containment measures to break the chain of transmission will be taken in red and orange zones ... The number of cumulative cases and duplication rates were considered, among others, to distribute districts in red, orange and green zones, Agarwal said. .

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The ministry said state/UT and district administrations, through focused efforts, must ensure that districts where cases have occurred, i.e. red and orange zones, can break the chain of transmission through effective containment measures. and strict.

Testing of all cases according to sampling guidelines, follow-up of contacts and clinical management of all confirmed cases should be carried out, while in the case of buffer zones, comprehensive case surveillance should be carried out through of monitoring ILI/SARI cases in health facilities, he said.