UP doctor runs away from quarantine, police chase him

AGRA: On Thursday, a video of a government doctor in Mathura being chased by police went viral. In the video, the cops can be seen calling the doctor, who is supposed to be after he came in contact with a positive Covid patient, who starts running after a while, but is caught after the team police are launched at full speed.

There have been numerous cases of migrant workers fleeing quarantine centers across the country. Now, there are reports that even medical professionals don't meet the standards.

While this particular instance was caught on camera, local residents told TOI that doctors who were supposed to be quarantined at the hospital frequently went missing.

Doctors were quarantined at the hospital after they refused to be transferred to a quarantine center. They all belong to the Vrindavan District Combined Hospital, which was sealed on Monday night after the death of a Covid-19 patient. The doctors were identified as those who had come into primary contact with the man who died. In addition to this, 13 health workers, including nurses who had also been in contact with the patient and were quarantined at the Krishna Kuteer center, disappeared on Wednesday night. None of them has been tested for Covid-19 yet.

A health official told TOI that the whereabouts of the health workers who escaped from the facility were currently unknown. Efforts are underway to track them, he said. Meanwhile, District Magistrate Sarvagya Ram Misra told TOI that an FIR would be registered against the 13 health workers who fled. He added that measures will also be taken against quarantined doctors.

The Mathura (IMA) chapter has condemned the act of health workers fleeing quarantine and not cooperating with the police. The President said: Medical professionals cannot be so unethical and irresponsible, putting society at risk.

The UP incident is not the only one in which doctors have refused to follow quarantine rules. Previously, a doctor was suspended in Manipur and a case was registered against him after he escaped from a quarantine center. The doctor, a specialist in the government-run hospital, also worked as a consultant at a private hospital in Imphal in the Porompat area and had treated a returnee, who later tested positive for Covid-19.

Also in Bangalore, doctors at a private hospital had resisted attempts to take them to a quarantine center last week. A doctor threatened to commit suicide and then threw antiseptic solutions at the police officers. The police had to break down the door of the facility and take away the health workers.

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