Covid-19: Delhi-Gurugram border sealed by Haryana police

NEW DELHI: Friday was sealed because people and vehicles coming from the national capital were asked to return.

While the Haryana government has said that people associated with essential services will be allowed to enter, several of them claimed that despite having passes, the police did not allow them to cross the border.

I am a nursing staff in a hospital at IFFCO Chowk in Gurugram, but I am not allowed to cross the border. Before, the police would see my ID and let me pass, but now they are not, said Rahul Singh, a Rajokri resident in Delhi, who was detained at the Delhi-Gurugram border near Sehraul.

Another frequent traveler from Delhi to Gurugram, Dipak Kumar, a hardware engineer with an assumption that his pass was not accepted by the police.

I'm waiting over an hour, but the police won't let me in. I have been using a pass that my company provided me to go from Delhi to Gurugram, but now I am not allowed to enter, he said.

A Haryana police officer at the border said the entry of vehicles and others without proper passes has been halted from 10 am Friday until further orders.

We are only following the DC order and only those associated with services are essentially allowed in, he said.

Haryana's home and health minister had said a few days ago that the state's borders with Delhi have been sealed and tighter restrictions will be imposed on those entering from the national capital, while only those associated with essential services will be allowed entry .

Haryana will be in a comfortable position when it comes to Covid-19 cases if the borders remain sealed for 15-20 days, Vij said.