Oriental Bengal wants me for next season, says Spanish coach Mario Rivera

KOLKATA: Eastern bengal spanish coach Mario Rivera He is confident that he will be retained by club management next season, even as title sponsor Quess breaks up after an abrupt end to the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eastern bengal finished a distant second in the I-League under Rivera, who was recruited by team's principal sponsors, who are on their way out.

I am participating in the decision and I gave them my suggestions about the Indian players. They have told me they want me for the next season and I always trust the 'Word' of the people and always respect it, said the 42-year-old man in an exclusive interview before leaving for his country.

The one based in Bangalore Quess Corp , who were Eastern bengal 's title sponsors, have already made an early exit, and terminated all existing contracts by implementing the 'Force Majeure' clause in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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But that has not stopped the cash-strapped Eastern bengal as they are on a signing spree and have recently brought back their former players in Bikash Jairu, Cavin Lobo and the talented Sehnaj Singh, who has won both I-League (Mohun Bagan, 2014) and ISL (ATK, 2020).

They previously signed PIO player Omid Singh of the Persian Gulf Pro League along with the Indians: Shankar Roy, Balwant Singh and Novin Gurung from Mohun Bagan, ATK and Real Kashmir respectively.

It is a difficult time to form a team because COVID-19 has changed many things. I think teams that will keep almost the same team as last season will have a big advantage in the beginning, he continued.

Citing the example of his current and Spanish teammate Kibu Vicuña, winner of the I-League, he said: The recipe for a good coach is hard work plus management's trust in him. I am so excited to think about starting a new season with all the knowledge of these two seasons of Indian football, I would really like to do it.

Rivera, who had worked as a substitute for Alejandro Menéndez for 32 games in 2018-19, was hired to replace the famous Spaniard after the New Year began with a hat-trick of losses, including a 1-2 derby debacle before this last was fired.d

After working with Menéndez, Rivera feels that the former Real Madrid B team coach had destroyed the team.

I don't know what he did, I know that I found a destroyed team, without confidence and under a lot of pressure. It was impossible to tell after 3-4 practice sessions, I was surprised because I told myself that these players are much better than the table position says. No one knows what has happened.

For a team to succeed, not only the players, but the entire unit, including administration and support staff, must be in sync.

Soccer is a team sport and in a team, everyone is very important: management, kitmans, massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, drivers, offices. To play with confidence and if you are the coach, you must take care of all the people and recognize their good work.

He said that Mohun Bagan trusted a good coach after a bad season and that the result was for everyone.

They trusted a good coach, not a famous former footballer, and they gave him the power to make decisions, he chose good players, he worked hard and had a good result. I am very resistant, to be a coach I need to have a great adaptability.

On their bid to join ISL, he said the franchise league will get some tradition and prestige by the addition of a centennial club.

India needs to improve its football level and a better ISL will be better for it. If EB plays in ISL, it will increase the tournament's prestige.

He also spoke about the resumption of soccer publication COVID-19 and insisted that it cannot happen without fans.

I think football cannot happen until we have a vaccine or a good treatment and without it it will be very difficult. I think football belongs to the spectators without them it is not the same. Soccer is entertainment and if you are afraid of an illness, it is very difficult to enjoy it, he concluded.