11 arrested for playing night cricket in Jangleshwer

Rajkot: A group of 11 youths were arrested on Wednesday night for allegedly playing a game of night cricket in the Jangleshwer town of Rajkot and uploading the video on social media and WhatsApp. The defendants were booked for the alleged violation of the closing notice.

“Jangleshwer is a corona access point with over 40 Covid-19 positive cases reported from this area alone. The entire area of ​​three kilometers of landlocked radius between the Aji River and Kotharia Road is under closure. The arrested youth blatantly violated the blockade order, ”said V K Gadhvi, inspector at the Bhaktinagar Police Station.

Those arrested were identified as Shoyeb Sora (20), Faizan Bhala (19), Akram Sheikh (20), Nawaz Meer (19), Shahrukh Baloch (27), Kashsyap Chawda (19), Aftab Theba (19), Azeem Piludia ( 24), Alfisan Khokhar (19), Mohemmed Saiyed (19) and Moin Pinjara (19).