Haryana: Once ‘Covid-19 free ', Jhajjar new red zone

CHANDIGARH: With the free Covid-19 announced by the Haryana government, the Jhajjar district appears to be developing into a new red zone in the state, with 24 active cases. On Thursday, the district received up to 18 positive cases in a single day. With this, Jhajjar has the highest number of active Covid-19 cases in the state, followed by Sonipat with 21 active cases.

Even districts like Nuh, Palwal, Gurugram and Faridabad, which are in the red zone, do not have as many active cases as Jhajjar. In an official statement issued on April 15, the Haryana government listed Jhajjar as the only district where no Covid-19 case had been reported so far. The scenario changed completely in 15 days, with Jhajjar emerging as one of the most affected districts and 24 positive cases of Covid-19. In the past four days, the small district, which shares boundaries with New Delhi, suddenly became the new Covid-19 access point. Until the morning of April 27, Jhajjar did not report any positive cases of Covid-19.

The new cases are from Jhajjar (18), Faridabad (7) and Gurugram (3).