Hosp Pvt must treat critically ill patients not Covid: Government

NEW DELHI: Amid complaints from private hospitals rejecting patients who need critical health care services such as dialysis and chemotherapy or who insist on the Covid-19 test, the Center has asked states to take immediate action to resolve such complaints.

On Thursday, the health minister wrote to all states asking them to take immediate steps to guarantee an uninterrupted donation and transfusion services for people with blood disorders such as thalassemia, hemophilia and sickle cell anemia.

States have also been advised to ensure that all health facilities, especially in the private sector, remain functional and provide critical services so that patients who need these services do not face any difficulties, an official said.

“The States/UT are informed that, according to the guidelines issued on April 15 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all health services must remain functional during the period of closure. The movement of service providers can be facilitated, especially for those working in the private sector, said the joint secretary of the ministry of health.

The Center also issued detailed guidelines on standard operating procedures (SOPs) for dialysis on April 7, as well as guidelines for donating blood and transfusions.

In addition, it has also issued a guidance note to enable the delivery of essential health services during the Covid-19 outbreak. This includes providing essential services for child and reproductive health, immunization, communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, and vector-borne diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases such as cancer and dialysis.

States/UTs have been advised to follow the guidelines regarding Covid-19 tests issued by.

Meanwhile, many states like Delhi have also ordered the private sector to open health facilities and follow protocols. He said measures will be taken, including cancellation of registration, if any violations are found.