A man crosses Kerala to find handcuffs during the confinement

MALAPPURAM: It has been discovered that, without paying attention, a native traveled throughout the state, coming and going from the houses of his two wives, from Kayamkulam inland and then back to Kayamkulam, overcoming all travel restrictions during the period . Kayamkulam police have registered a case against the man for violating quarantine rules.

Police officers in Nilambur said the man had attended the Tablighi Jamaat conference in Nizamuddin in March and that he had returned home to Kalavoor in Kayamkulam. After completing 14 days of quarantine in Kayamkulam, he went to his second wife's home in Chokkad, near Nilambur, on April 20, violating the closing rules. After local residents informed the police of the person's arrival in Chokkad, health authorities ordered him to remain in quarantine again for 14 days.

But in violation of the quarantine rule, he returned to Kayamkulam again on Monday. Sources said that he traveled in private goods and vehicles and managed to reach Kayamkulam. Upon his return, he had a heated argument with his first wife (who was unaware of the other woman's existence) and approached the police with a complaint against his first wife.

It was after a detailed interrogation that the police learned that he had violated the quarantine rules and decided to register a case against him. They told him to stay in an isolation center and quarantine for the third time.