Several US airlines make face mask mandatory for passengers and crew

WASHINGTON: Several commercial airlines in the US The US, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, announced Thursday that they have made it mandatory for passengers and crew members to wear masks on their flights.

The announcement comes days after three European airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines, made mandatory masks for their passengers during their flights.

Jet Blue and United States Frontier Airlines had also made a similar announcement earlier this week.

Southwest Airlines, which is the only major airline remaining in the United States to do so, said Thursday an announcement is looming.

American Airlines said that starting May 11, it will require all customers traveling to wear a mask (or mask) while on board the plane.

This new requirement is part of the airline's ongoing commitment to prioritize the well-being of customers and team members against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), he said.

Flight attendants would be required to wear masks beginning May 1. We ask clients to bring their own face masks or covers that they feel comfortable with when traveling. American is working to purchase facial masks and hand sanitizer as a supplement, he said. Kurt Stache, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, American Airlines.

Delta said that starting May 4, all customers must wear a face mask or a suitable face covering when traveling with it. We believe this change will give customers and employees a little extra comfort when traveling with us, said Bill Lentsch, director of customer experience for Delta Airlines.

United Airlines said it will provide masks to all of its passengers. Our hostesses are required to wear masks on board, and starting in early May, we will also make face masks available to our clients, he said.

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A flight attendants union welcomed the move. We are happy to see airlines taking steps to require face masks or covers for passengers, crew and other frontline employees, said Sara Nelson, director of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

Congressman Oeter DeFazio, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, on Thursday urged the FAA to require masks or other face covers for all crew members and passengers on U.S. flights.

In addition, I urged him to require airlines to adopt reasonable and robust procedures to ensure passengers are at safe distances from each other, given new medical findings on the transmissibility of this insidious disease, he said.

I believe these measures are not only within the jurisdiction of the FAA, but are also essential to protect frontline airline employees, as well as members of the flying public who still must travel during the pandemic, he said. DeFazio.