After 1.5 months of blocking, we can say that we are safe in UP

The prime minister says his government is working on an extensive plan to open up red and orange zones, but emphasizes that the Covid-19 chain must be broken at all levels for it to materialize. Excerpts from an interview with Pravin Kumar from TOI

Q. After a month and a half of and almost 2,150 cases, where is UP located? Are we past the peak yet? Or are we still getting closer to i t?

• Right now, we have 1,600 active cases and after a month and a half of social distancing and confinement, we can say that we are safe. But the crown chain has to be broken at all levels. We began taking steps to address the crown in early March when the first case was reported. On March 22, when Prime Minister Janta Curfew announced, 16-17 UP districts were already locked up. Others followed after March 25. It was an unprecedented occasion and he needed unprecedented steps in a state like UP that is so densely populated. Secondly, we had to develop a plan to protect daily bets of all kinds, the section that would be the most affected. Now, I can vouch for the fact that all of my teams have performed exceptionally well. It is the result of their teamwork that UP is safe. The challenge in the third phase is to reopen and manage a large influx of migrants.

Q. Do you expect 10 lakh migrants in this phase? What are your plans for them? Do you think they will stay or come back when things get back to normal?

• This is an opportunity for us. I have discussed with my ministers and officers. We assume that returning workers have different job skills. We can use your UP skills. I have formed committees, both in the cabinet and in the officers', to work on this.

Q. Is the creation of 15 lakh jobs as you announced a realistic goal?

• We have 90 MSME lakh units and restricted access areas, most of them are working or will start in phases. Large numbers of skilled workers would fit in this sector and ODOP. Then there is the huge NGO sector. We have already created 8 lakh MNREGS jobs. So 15 lakh jobs will not be a problem. We are in a position to do so. Until the moment they get a job, we have organized their food.

Q. Will they be examined and tested before being returned? Do we have enough test kits?

• While we bring them back, we must make sure they don't bring the infection. Therefore, those who do not show symptoms will be sent to the 14-day home quarantine and those who are suspected will be kept in the nearest quarantine facilities. Only positive cases would be sent to the nearest Covid. We have 52,000 beds ready in all three categories: L1, L2, and L3.

Q: There has been some relaxation in the green areas. But the main industrial and commercial centers of UP like Noida and are in the red zone Does the state have a strategy to open red zones?

• We do not want to take any risk. We are working on an extensive plan on red and orange areas. The first task is to define them properly. We will give you relaxation in stages

Q. What will be the strategy for critical points? Will it move from sealing to testing and detection?

• Of course, testing and screening is the way to go. When the crisis started, we had only one laboratory with the capacity to analyze 50 samples per day. Now, we have 17 laboratories that perform approximately 5,000 tests per day. We were the first to introduce group tests to increase the number.

Q. What was your most difficult moment in this fight?

• Facing challenges is our habit now. So there is no difficulty as such. This is also because we work under the guidance of. But there are times of emotional stress. When suddenly over 4,000 lakh of UP immigrants defied the confinement and started on foot from Delhi on March 28 and 29, this was one of those moments. Arranging for your safe journey to your destination was a great challenge. But by the grace of God, we did it. Today, Noida is safe and UP is safe.

P. The Agra The model received much praise at first. But cases are increasing there.

• Things were under control in Agra. But because of three hospitals, the condition there has turned critical. That's why we made it clear that only those hospitals should run emergency services which follow the protocol. General OPD is still not operational. We have advised hospitals to use telemedicine to run their general OPDs. We have started this service in each district. Hospitals in all districts have been given PPE kits and masks to run their emergency services. After stopping the infection, we will be able to move forward.

Q. Some BJP The MLAs have made statements asking people not to buy vegetables from Muslims.

• Loktantra mein bayanbazi uljhan paida nahin karti hai

(In democracy, such statements do not cause much trouble.) They give an opportunity to be alert. But I would suggest to everyone that statements should be made after thinking and understanding the facts properly.

Q. Has any action been taken against them?

• The party has sent them showcause notices. I think you become a laughingstock by making statements without knowing the facts.

Q. What is the new timeline for Ram Mandir?

• The trust formed for this is working on a detailed plan.