No PLA invitation, says army, border meets

NEW DELHI: Covid-19 appears to have derailed the regular meeting of border personnel (BPM) between the Indian and Chinese armies along the royal line of control on International Labor Day each year.

“The People's (PLA) welcomes our soldiers at five BPM points throughout the LAC on May 1 of each year. But this time there has been no invitation from the PLA, probably due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will wish you a direct line between local commanders, an army officer said Thursday.

BPMs are held several times each year in Daulat Beg Oldi and Chushul (Ladakh), Bum La and Kibithu (Arunachal) and Nathu La () as a confidence-building measure between the two armies that clashed in the LAC.

BPMs also serve as an important platform for solving problems such as troop engagements and confrontations at the local level on the local border, in addition to promoting mutual trust between rival troops.

We also receive PLA soldiers on ceremonial occasions such as Republic Day and Diwali, while they correspond to Labor Day (May 1) and China National Day (October 1). The interactions are followed by a cultural program that portrays the rich cultural diversity of the two countries, the official said.

India and China, after the major 73-day standoff near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet triple union in 2017, have worked to reduce troop confrontations across LAC with better CBM implementation and increased interaction between commanders. premises on the ground.