Did UIDAI cite the force majeure clause not to pay sellers?

BENGALURU: It is alleged that Aadhaar's issuing body, UIDAI, invoked the force clause not to pay some BPM (business process management) providers for the services they provided in April.

Force majeure provides a temporary deferral to a party of the performance of its obligations under a contract when an event occurs that the parties could not have anticipated and controlled. The main force in this case is the Covid-19 pandemic. Some Conneqt Business employees, formerly Tata Business Support Services, have expressed their distress at not receiving their April and have tagged the Twitter handlers of PMO India and UIDAI CEO. An employee, Kumar Samrat Mukherjee, tweeted: In this critical situation, our company CBSL (Limited Business Connection) cannot provide the salary because the clients (UIDAI) cannot pay. The Conneqt spokesperson told TOI that they are arguing with the client. We hope that we will have a favorable response from them. An email sent to UIDAI did not receive a response as of the time of publication.