Trinamool MP faces West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar quickly retaliates

KOLKATA: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar was once again embroiled in a war of words on Tuesday and this time with Trinamool chief Lok Sabha Kalyan Bandopadhyay after having a duel with the Prime Minister. Mamata Banerjee Last week through letters. The Governor had urged the CM to be in action to combat Covid-19, which led to a strained relationship between Nabanna and Raj Bhavan.

The Trinamool deputy in his letter criticized the governor for going to the media and disseminating his views on social networks and for having a hostile attitude towards the CM and his council of ministers for his revenge. The Governor was quick enough to retaliate as he had also responded within a couple of hours on Friday, after the letter was sent to the CM from the CM.

However, Dhankhar was upset that the letter was not sent to Raj Bhavan, but that Bandopadhyay posted it on social media. He wrote: West Bengal cannot be run as a state within a state as a fiefdom. I have to make sure it runs according to the constitution. In addition, he stated, a dozen ministers have used as loose canons most of the vituperative language in the public domain against the governor and the CM also on the floor of the assembly made a derogatory and derogatory expression for the governor.

I asked the Trinamool MP to urge CM Mamata Banerjee to adhere to constitutional provisions and not to look for escape routes and lead the battle against the Covid-19 from the front and the Governor would provide all support.

The Governor wrote: History will harshly judge all those who are playing with the leader while the people suffered horrendous times. It is time to surrender to duty and conscience instead of making a possible excuse.

Bandopadhyay had accused the governor that he was involved in animosity with the state government in the fight against Covid 19, since the governor had used hostile words against the CM and his council of ministers and were the political views of BJP . The MP said that he was voicing the words of BJP.

Recently, the CM had mentioned in his letter to the Governor that the office of Governor was nominated, and Bandopadhyay also mentioned it in his letter. The MP also alleged that since Dhankhar had criticized the CM saying he was appeasing the Muslims, he states that you are acting as a great communicator for the ruling party at the Center. Indirectly, it is spreading communalism and inciting disharmony in Bengal. .

Bandopadhyay also accused the governor as Dhankhar had previously mentioned that he did not want to be a rubber stamp but a proactive governor. Establish your inferiority complex or your unawareness of the limitations of the Governor's powers. He asked Dhankhar to use his wisdom before uttering such words, while quoting Supreme Court rulings. He also wanted to know under what provisions of the Constitution the Governor was empowered to approach the press or social networks to criticize the Prime Minister. and council of ministers.

Even the MP termed the Governor as a media maniac and always look for cheap publicity fro canvassing the political views of BJP. He also pointed out that there is no room for public accountability of the Governor. He also Justice MM Punchi Commission report where I have stated that the Governor has no role to perform on his own.