Chhattisgarh: Stranded Workers Explore Bamboo to Make Up for Profits

RAIPUR: Workers trapped in relief camps receive alternative measures to earn income.

An official spokesperson for the district administration said workers in one of the relief camps are having workers build bamboo tree guards in one of the relief camps. They were given prior training for this job, after which they started making tree guards according to safety regulations. The forest department, which provides the raw material, is also acquiring these guards.

So far, the administration has paid these workers more than Rs 42,200 and each job earns Rs 350-400 per day. Currently, work began in one aid field and will be expanded in other fields as soon as possible, the official said.

Bhojlal Domar, a guest of, was in praise of the district government and administration for this initiative. He said he never thought about earning money while staying in a relief camp. Other workers also said that when they return to their homes after closing they will not only regain happy memories, but will also return to their financially stable homes with their money earned.

So far, about 631 workers have been accommodated as guests in 31 relief camps since the closure was imposed in the country. All workers who stay here receive the necessary arrangements, which include accommodation, food, as well as sports and entertainment items such as, and television. As the stress breaks, yoga camps are also being organized and classes are being organized for their children so that they don't miss school, the official said.