Movement of vehicles on national highways by 60-100%

NEW DELHI: Vehicle movement on many stretches of the national highways connecting the main urban centers increased by more than 60%, and in some cases almost doubled, on Monday, compared to the daily average over the past month. After 25 days, tolls in NH resumed as economic activities gradually resumed.

Traffic flow on the NH stretch of Gurgaon-Jaipur increased by more than 95% on Monday, reports Dipak Dash. The three toll plazas in this section registered 20,000 passenger cars during the day compared to the average traffic of 10,300 during the previous days.

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At the Bhagan toll plaza on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway, the number of vehicles increased to 5,000 on Monday, compared to 3,200 during the full closure period. However, data with the GST network on electronic invoices suggested that there was only a minor increase in traffic with an estimated number of 3.3 lakh nationwide on Monday, compared to just under 3.2 lakh on Saturday. The amount of electronic invoices had dropped to around one lakh when the shutdown started late last month, compared to about 20 lakh per day in February.

Trucks Transporting goods that attract GST and where the value of the shipment is above the prescribed value must generate electronic invoices. Toll operators told TOI that the increase in traffic flow was marginally greater in the stretches that are far from the main urban centers. NHAI is compiling data on traffic flow at toll stations to assess the situation. A significant increase in some stretches could be due to stranded trucks starting to move, a toll operator said.