Indore police punish lockdown evaders with crunches

INDORE: Police in Indore have found a variety of ways to publicly punish people who tease them by making them squat, sit-up, and push-ups on the street.

He hit people who were for not complying with the quarantine rules and leaving without a valid reason.

On Tuesday, the police in groups inspected various areas of the city and caught the defaulters who were walking the streets.

Some of the men were forced to do push-ups for a few minutes.

He has claimed 52 lives in Indore alone. Indore is one of the worst affected cities in Madhya Pradesh.

Indore's Covid-19 positive case count has risen to 915.

According to the latest bulletin from the Union Ministry of Health, 1,485 people in Madhya Pradesh have tested positive for Covid-19, including 74 deaths.

A total of 18,601 confirmed cases have been reported in India, including 590 deaths. 3,252 people, who were positive for COVID-19, have recovered or migrated, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said Tuesday.