Richa Chadha donates groceries to a local gurudwara who fuels the daily bets

Richa chadha He's also doing his part in the midst of this health scare. As a humanitarian gesture, the Actress He has started donating food to a local gurudwara, who has been providing food for daily salaried workers and helping the unemployed in this difficult time. When I contacted them, they said they would accept rations and not money. So I went with the groceries that I could buy nearby, which was little, like 10-20 kilos. Now I have learned that they need as much as 250 kilos each day, so I am discovering a wholesale place that can obtain grains and legumes in that quantity. Our humanity is being tested. This pandemic is bringing out the worst and the best in humans, ‚ÄĚRicha told the Mumbai Mirror.

Richa was ready to get married Ali Fazal this month however she Wedding has been placed on hold due to COVID-19 forced closure. Several of his guests were to fly in from the United States and Europe, however, all plans are on hold for now.

"Given the current scenario and the unfortunate turn of events owing to the COVID-19 pandemic globally, Ali Fazal and Richa chadha have decided to postpone their Wedding functions to the later half of 2020 tentatively. They wish for everyone to be healthy and safe and at no cost would want their friends, families and well wishers to be affected," their spokesperson had said in a statement.