Look: this is how actress Trina Saha channels her internal chef

Model and television actress Trina Saha He is passionate about food. The actress loves spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes every time she gets session time. It turns out that the latter emergency shutdown The phase has brought up Trina's in-house chef, as she now spends more time in the kitchen.

From cake to late-night snacks, Trina is trying new recipes at home. Not only that, the beautiful actress also shares the recipe with fans. In simple steps, she is demonstrating how one can quickly prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

The actress prepared a snack at home with simple ingredients that can be easily available at home. To help her fans, Trina has shared the recipe on social media along with easy steps to prepare it at home.

Here is the video:

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Fans are impressed to see Trina showcasing her culinary skills perfectly once again and have praised her. Apart from cooking, Trina is watching films and webseries at home amid emergency shutdown . She is also spending time talking to her friends over the phone.

En el frente profesional, Trina fue vista por última vez in el drama de comedia ‘ Koler Bou ’. La actriz desempeñó un doble papel in este espectáculo que protagonizó Rohaan Bhattacharya opposite her. ‘Koler Bou’ narrated the story of a humanoid. Trina played both a robot and village belle. The show was popular for its humorous touch in the storyline. Prior to that, Trina was seen in ‘ Khokababu , Which was again a dramatic comedy.