Say goodbye to the handshake and everything it revealed about you

The handshake is dead, or at least, health authorities and experts are calling for it to rest for good. However, apart from its effectiveness as a greeting mechanism, the handshake served another essential purpose: as a signifier of trust, authority, power, manhood ... it is understood. In fact, the entire personalities of the people were evaluated by the handshake. Too firm could mean bossy or threatening, too loose, and would be mistaken for weak and a push. Here's a look at what the handshake meant:

This is what studies say about your handshake

Handshakes make better deals as they establish mutual trust, says research from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. People with a strong handshake are better at solving problems, memory tests, and reasoning, according to a 2018 University of Manchester study. A strong handshake is the key to conducting a job interview and impressing prospects. employers, says a 2008 study by the University of Iowa.


The human handshake

According to Professor Geoffrey Beattie, head of psychological sciences at Manchester Univ, handshaking is one of the most crucial elements of impression formation. A handshake reveals aspects of the person giving it, for example, a gentle handshake may indicate insecurity, while a quick handshake may suggest arrogance, says Professor Geoffrey, who has devised the perfect equation. handshake. 'using 12 ingredients, including eye contact, hand temperature, etc.



The handshake has often been used as a means of establishing dominance in the business world as well as in politics.

US President Donald Trump's handshake is more infamous than famous. His technique of pulling and squeezing the handshake towards you has been perceived as unnecessarily dominant ...

trump macron

Other world leaders have been devising various techniques to defend themselves. French President Emmanuel Macron tried to beat him alpha by giving him back control of death, making his handshake go viral.

trump 2

Once he tugged and tugged at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a full 18 seconds, causing his eyes to reflect.
In 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook hands with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, so tightly that he nearly cut off the latter's bloody supply. The images of white markings on the prince's hand went viral, and the Indian Prime Minister dhai kilo ka grip It was seen as a testament to his impeccable diplomacy and physical strength skills.

modi prince william

PM Narendra Modi (right) with Prince William,
Duke of Cambridge