Ram Gopal Varma impressed by a TikTok girl who imitates him; offer a role and delete the tweet later

Maverick filmmaker and favorite son of controversy Ram Gopal Varma He never ceases to amaze us with his eccentric films and his controversial comments. Recently, on April 5, when the entire country was following Prime Minister Modi's call to light their homes with candles, lamps, or torches, the 57-year-old filmmaker shared a video about his Twitter drive where you can see him lighting a cigarette and enjoying the puff. Although this act caused a great storm on social networks, it is not new to RGV or Internet users to get involved.

A few days ago, a young girl imitated Ram Gopal Varma’s dialogue and body language on the popular video-sharing platform Tik Tok and the clip went instantly viral on the internet. Impressed by her antics, RGV shared the concerned video on his famous Twitter account and promised to give her a role if she is interested in acting.

He wrote: Hey, if you are interested in acting, can you mail your details to [email protected]? However, for unknown reasons, he deleted the post later.

A couple of weeks ago, the ‘Satya’ director shared on Twitter that he had tested positive for Coronavirus and followed it up with a post stating that it was an April fool’s joke. He faced a lot of backlash on social media for joking about the health scare. Speaking to a news portal, RGV stated that he knew he would get trolled for it and that the only way to remain sane is to joke about it, otherwise one would get into depression. The filmmaker mentioned that he put out the Tweet because he was getting bored.