Amy Jackson Quarantine Home Workout Routine

Amy Jackson and George Panayiotou is having a baby named Andreas, he is known to everyone. But pregnancy and childbirth have not deterred the spirit of actress 2.0 when it comes to fitness. She has been uploading her exercise routine to her social media and even giving advice to young mothers.

Recently, when posting a photo of her doing a stretching exercise, she wrote: I discovered that having a routine during quarantine It helps a lot !! What are your morning rituals? I like a good flow of vinyasa and a stretch 🙇🏻‍♀️ ”

A fortnight ago, she posted a home workout video titling it as quarantine home workout, which involves stair sprints, squat, burpees and even gave a breakdown on how to go about it. She wrote, “Here’s the breakdown: stair sprints, squat and step, stair taps (1 min), burpees ( 20 ), step &sidesquat,tricepsdips(20),frogleaptopushup.repeatx3🙌🏼#quarantine#homeworkout.”