Star Talk: Just make sure we're always clean and tidy, says actor Rishi

With the outbreak of Coronavirus In the Indian pandemic, people in Bangalore have canceled their plans and are staying home. Meanwhile, filming schedules for many movies and their releases have been postponed in the Kannada film industry just like the other film industries around the world but that has given fans a closer look at the personal lives of the top Kannada stars. With nothing to do, actors have been sharing updates for fans from their homes and using the time to bond with their families and pursue their hobbies. Actor Rishi has also been affected by the situation and has postponed the release and shootings of his various films. Talking about Coronavirus, Rishi spoke exclusively with ETimes.

Here are excerpts from an interview:

How has life changed post the Coronavirus pandemic?

There is a lot of cancellation in filming schedules. In fact, one of my film advertising campaigns was supposed to start now, but it was canceled. Many launches have also been postponed along with shootings and travel plans.

How has it affected your work?

We have postponed the ‘ Ramana Avathara shot for two weeks and also stopped the Sakalakala Vallabha promotional campaign. So we thought this was not the right time for promotions and launch, and we postponed everything. Now, all my other movie releases will also be postponed. There are many changes in my schedule at the moment, and we are also anticipating the filming of various projects. We don't want anyone to get sick.

How do you keep yourself busy since everything is blocked ... everything you do in your spare time?

Due to this pandemic, employers encourage work from home. It will help us reconnect with ourselves and spend quality time with ourselves and our loved ones, and I am doing exactly that.

What message would you like to give everyone during this time?

We have been reading a lot about the disease. It's one thing that it's just a type of flu illness where symptoms like a general fever appear. I see a lot of people panicking, and this is not necessary. We must take care of ourselves. We need to be more aware, especially of the elderly. Just make sure we are always clean, tidy and don't touch our faces. We must ensure that it does not reach the elderly in the house. I see a lot of people panic and that makes it an extremely scary situation. So, don't panic!

How are you taking care of your family and loved ones right now?

My wife Swathi and I were supposed to travel to Japan. We plan this before our wedding. This was a great success. We had to cancel all our tickets and reservations. The entire trip has been canceled. We are trying to stay away from the virus by taking all kinds of precautions.