Watch: Archana Puran Singh and nok-jhok videos of pranks of her 'amazing' house help with Parmeet Sethi

Archana Puran Singh loves to record some interesting behind the scenes shows, The Kapil Sharma Show . Now that filming on the show has been suspended, the actress is still continuing her video recording sessions with some fun snippets from her home in Madh Island Mumbai

Archana Puran Singh has started a series called 'nokjhok'. In the latest video shared by Archana, a banter is taking place between Parmeet Sethi and his help from the house, Bhagyashri. She gives him wild answers, after which he falls silent and Archana calls her incredible. Watch the video here:

Bhagyashri also tells Archana that one of her previous videos was to the liking of Mrs. Kalpana. Later, she also shares a nice conversation with Archana's mother. The seasoned actress says the help from her home is amazing and keeps everyone entertained with her talks.

Later, Archana Puran Singh showed her garden area to the fans and said that they are watering the other side today, and they haven't yet got the time to clean the back area of ​​the garden. or else her followers will think that she does no work.

Parmeet Sethi, who is walking in the garden tells Archana that he will buy her body cameras because of her habit of recording everything. She admits that Parmeet doesn't like it at all. Archana then continues with her walk and signs off.