Pijush Charkraborty Tor Naam's latest single is out now

Pijush Charkraborty's latest single ‘ Tor Naam It is about love and passion. The music video with Pijush Charkraborty and Anindita Charkraborty beautifully describes the emotions of a man who has fallen madly in love with the woman of his dreams. However, she remains as evasive as ever.

The video was recorded on iPhone 11 on the white sand beaches, national parks and many other places in Mauritius. While the music is from Pijush himself, the lyrics are from Sreedeep Talukdar Chowdhury and Srija Gupta .

Check out the song from the video here:

While we are trapped in between the four walls of our home and going outside is a distant dream amid the nationwide emergency shutdown , the beautiful cinematography of ‘Tor Naam’ will surely bring freshness to our eyes.