Cash spilled on the road causes nervousness in Indore, crowned

INDORE: Currency notes found scattered across the Khatipura area of ​​Indore, hit by Covid, scared residents Thursday. Police confiscated the notes with extreme caution and are examining CCTV images to identify who left them and why.

Restless residents said the tickets were thrown from a car, but police have not yet confirmed this.

We will carry out tests on the currency (to check if they are virus infested). All allegations, speculations and possibilities about the tainted notes will be examined, Harinaryanachari Mishra told TOI DIG.

Banknotes of the denominations Rs500, Rs200, Rs100, Rs50 and Rs10 were found strewn across the road in the middle-class locality, prompting residents to report to the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC).

A team of IMC and Heera Nagar police cordoned off the area and carefully collected each note. Police officers in masks and gloves used sticks to collect money and seal them in plastic bags. The entire area was disinfected.

Heera Nagar Police Station Chief Rajeev Bhadoria said they found Rs 6,480 in total.

When the team was collecting the money, locals expressed concern that neighborhood children may have collected some of the coin. Bhadoria said it cannot be ruled out, and they are trying to find out if some children took the notes.

DIG Mishra said CCTV cameras are being checked to find out how the notes ended there and if anyone picked them up before the alarm went off. We are also collecting information if someone took the notes so we can retrieve them, he said.

Police officers have videotaped the collection of notes and the on-site investigation. As the videos of the police action went viral, large numbers of people flocked to the scene out of curiosity, but were sent home.