Virtual surprises become real with #QuarantineGifts

The crash is causing most of us to lose track of time and day, but for those with their birthdays and anniversaries in this period, it's a bit more difficult to deal with the quarantine blues. After all, what a special day without the company of your dear friends, associates, family and some gifts! To ensure that social distancing does not lead to emotional estrangement, surprise planners are taking full advantage of technology and creativity to create #QuarantineGifts that can bring joy to loved ones despite being miles away. Here are some ...

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Give them a break from regular news and get a of the Newsletter recorded with the photos and videos of your loved one.

Digital Portrait 1 A digital portrait rarely can it go wrong when it comes to surprising your favorites.


Make them h (appy) with a custom mobile app Packed with games like tictactoe, puzzles and quizzes as well as themed surprises especially in them!


Imagine that your favorite Bollywood star wishes you on your birthday. Confused? Trust imitate artists to sweep your loved ones with special messages to celebrities like SRK, Salman Khan or Alia Bhatt.


Take them for a walk down the memory lane with a custom video with the best of moments, messages, music and more.


Everyone secretly wants to appear in the newspapers. Make that happen with a custom newspaper overflowing with your photos and interesting messages.


A guitarist or violinist on video call It can instantly elevate the mood of music enthusiasts. For the little ones, parents can customize ebook making their children the heroes of the stories they have been reading to them.

Surprise Mail

Send a warm letter in email that they will receive each year on a specific date for as long as they want.


For all of you beach bums

Two Indian girls stranded in the Philippines due to the blockade are spreading love with wacky sand-written messages posted on Instagram on demand. The idea behind #postsfromthebeach is to bring the beach from our home to yours, say Mitalee Chandwani and Aditi Khosla from Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines.

The best part of electronic gifts is that you can instantly send them to people around the world. The personalization of each gift keeps its surprise value intact. People love these options to stay close despite the distance. It can be a game changer for us when our business is at its lowest point.

- Sukriti Agarwal, Outbox, surprise planner

Restrictions on physical movement cannot stop surprises and gifts. What matters is the thinking behind a

gesture and that's exactly where electronic gifts come into play. Each of these can be customized for people of all ages. All you need to do is communicate with us.

- Namrata Agarwal, Popcorn, surprise planner

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