THEMXXNLIGHT: We've been in the studio a lot with Wiz Khalifa, which has strengthened our relationship

The twin R&B duo Luv and Kuch, popularly known as THEMXXNLIGHT , I have worked with Wiz Khalifa and it was also the opening act of his India tour last year. So when the Bombay Times asked them about their equation with Wiz, they stated that everything Taylor Gang it's like 'a family' to them.

Sledgren, one of Wiz Khalifa 's main producers and a key member of the Taylor Gang, discovered us on a musi-sharing platform a few years ago. After getting close with Sledgren and after about a year, he introduced our music to Wiz Khalifa, who loved the sound and ended up putting a lot of our Sledgren-produced records on Wiz's highly anticipated 'Rolling Papers 2' album in July 2018. Ever since then, we have been going strong with Sledgren as we consider him the third member of THEMXXNLIGHT. Ever since moving to LA, we have been in the studio with Wiz a lot which has strengthened our relationship, we appreciate the entire Taylor Gang team, they are like our family. We actually use the word 'bhaiya' all the time within the industry, in fact, it has become a brand for us to be referred to, and to refer to others as 'bhaiya'. People in the American industry are now familiar with the term and we are proud to have created this trend and will continue to do so in our branding, said THEMXXNLIGHT.