Grace Antony on a weight loss spree for 'Simply Soumya'

Simi de Kumbalangi Nights required Grace Antony to see the mature part of Shammi's wife, and the actress had to put on weight to play it.

But for your next adventure, Simply Soumya , directed by Abhilash S Kumar, who was one of the writers of 22 Female Kottayam, Grave has to do the opposite. The actress, who also has Oru Halal Love Story and Saajan Bakery Since 1962 coming up, is on a weight-losing spree to play her character in Simply Soumya , who at 23, is the same age as the actress.

Grace, who has been busy gardening her home during the lockdown, says: Because of Simi's weight, I have dropped about 11kg at the moment. I am still exercising and on a diet. I am doing abdominal exercises and my diet consists of oatmeal, apple, egg, wheat bread and the like. I also include spinach from the garden. More than a year ago I ate rice.

He has also been watching many series and movies focused on women, as a reference to play his character. But when I watch according to my taste, I like to watch series like Money Heist and Narcos, says Grace.