Jayanthi relives his childhood memories in the stillness of Hampi

When he left Bengaluru in February, the veteran actress did not. Jayanthi know that she is going to spend the following couple of months in Hampi, amid the quietude of nature. Jayanthi, who had gone to visit her son Krishna Kumar (also known as KK), now staying in a hotel in the old city, until emergency shutdown The actress gets up, however, she seems to be making the most of her time there. She longed to visit her hometown, Ballari , and spend some time with KK, who is working on a project there. So, when the emergency shutdown was imposed, the actress and her family decided to stay back in Hampi, instead of rushing back to Bengaluru. “When the shutdown order was announced, everyone suggested that we go back to Bengaluru, where it would be easier for her to have access to doctors. But since we have medical arrangements for her here too, we decided to stay back. If the doctors ask her to return to Bengaluru, we’ll take a call,” says KK.

At the hotel premises where the family is currently staying, there is enough space for Jayanthi to walk around and soak in the surroundings. “My mother was born in Ballari , and a lot of her childhood memories are associated with this place. She is happy that she is spending her time here during the emergency shutdown . In fact, she wants to visit this place more frequently now, and has asked me to make the required arrangements,” explains KK, adding, “She is very fond of the greenery and the peaceful nature of the city. Every day, she spends almost an hour looking at monkeys that hop around the garden area. She enjoys the antics of the two species that often visit.”

The confinement has also given the actress the opportunity to catch up with her old friends, albeit virtually. “My mother is very close to B Saroja Devi, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Hema Chaudhary, Thara, Shruthi and TS Nagabharana. She also has people from the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce enquiring about her daily. The rest of her day is spent watching old films and listening to music. The emergency shutdown has given us the time to bond as a family,” he signs off.