THEMXXNLIGHT: The most important people in the industry in the United States have praised 'Mashallah' as ​​a global road and a bridge between industries.

Recently, the Indian musicians Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar collaborated with Los Angeles-based twin R&B duo THEMXXNLIGHT and their song ' Mashallah 'It turned out to be a success. The Bombay Times got in touch with the brothers to discuss this interesting collaboration and they seem to be happy with the result.

We are extremely proud of the song! It is our first release with Sony music india They did a great job creating the amazing music video and promoting the album. The rhythm is produced by our team members, Sledgren and Chris Dreamer , and features Bollywood singing twins Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar. We basically had the hook finished for a few months, even performed it when we opened for Guru Randhawa in San Jose, California Our music label helped us connect with the Kakar sisters and we all had a vision for the song and performed it perfectly. We feel, and the comments have been, that this track is a new sound for India and the most important people in the industry in the United States, India and around the world have praised this sound as a global track and a bridge between industries, THEMXXNLIGHT said. through email interaction.