Doubt the live concert scene will return even after closing: Singers

More than three weeks have passed since all industries and sectors have been under a complete emergency shutdown due to coronavirus. While many seem to be turning to their savings for the next one year, others are not sure how things will turn out once the emergency shutdown ends. Singers as well as artists who depend majorly on live gigs and shows say that they see the live gigs scene to be impacted adversely after the emergency shutdown . While online concerts is one option, but they point out what is the other alternative they have than entertaining fans online in the current scenario.

The scene of the live shows will be a great success: Jubin Nautiyal


If I talk about the music industry, we need a lot of money for concerts. Even if the situation is under control, even then it will take us months to build a place where many people can gather. We have streaming platforms so that movies can still be released, we have music streaming channels so music can still be released. So I think the live show scene will be very successful and I am ready for it.

I will not be recording any music videos outside the country for the next six months: STARBOY LOC

The whole team including the band members will have to suffer now because of this emergency shutdown . I think we all will take at least an year to come out of this but people have started online concerts. Nobody knows how will things turn out to be once the emergency shutdown ends. Shows ki market toh down jayegi hi because nobody will come to crowded places. The shoots for music videos will also be halted. Like, I would go out of the country to shoot, but I might not go for at least six months. I might shift all my shoots to India now. Things will improve for at least three months: Jasleen Royal


Many concerts and events have been canceled and it will take a minimum of three months for things to normalize. Nowadays, there is so much digital approach since most people have so much free time on hand that I feel that artists can experience a lot more and still make money. Personally, I am happy that there are reduced concerts and live events, as that tends to burn me. Most of us are self-employed and heavily dependent on touring, but I think I take this opportunity as a time to innovate in your art.

I don't think there will be many live performances this year, so I depend on my savings: Akasa


This pandemic will impact everyone equally. The most important thing is not to panic because an artist's main income comes from live shows throughout the year. And for the rest of the year, it doesn't seem very likely that there will be many performances, so I'll try to work on the music and adopt lifestyle changes. And fortunately, some of us with savings will have to rely on it, but helping others is also important.

We all know late work, but we will get out of it: Shilpa Rao


The entire film industry is on hiatus and people are waiting for the crisis to end. There is an economic delay and all artists know it. But if I look at it, I feel like we still know how to get back from an economic crisis because we've been through that before, but we don't know how to resurrect someone. And that's something we should be focusing on right now. But I hope to see my fans on a live stage soon.