What use is my medical degree if I don't help people now? Ashish Gokhale says

Actor ashish Gokhale He has been working 24 hours at a multi specialty hospital in Mumbai these days. The actor, who has been part of Marathi movies like Mogra Phulaalaa and Hindi television shows like Tara de Satara and Kumkum Bhagya, also a qualified doctor, has resumed his medical duty amid the COVID-19. outbreak. Ashish says: “On March 23, I received a call from the Juhu-based hospital with which I was associated as a visiting doctor. Management said they needed me there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an indefinite period. I was aware of the serious situation and reported to work immediately. In fact, from March 24 to the morning of April 6, I stayed on the hospital premises. I have spent most of my time in the hospital caring for different patients.

While Ashish would visit patients on call between or post his shooting pack-up, this is after a long time that he is working as a full-time doctor again. He says, “My parents are doctors, so is my sister. They are working round-the-clock in our hometown in Konkan in this time of crisis. I have a medical degree which will be of no use if I don't help people now. ” Ashish also shares that he gets a lot of queries about COVID-19 daily and he answers those diligently.

On a parting note, Ashish says that the constant messages from his friends and colleagues from the industry have kept him going. He also urges people to exercise precaution to protect themselves and others from the disease. I hope people follow social distancing and stay home to reduce the spread of the virus, he says.