Actress Neha Gowda shares a picture from her school days

Actress Neha Gowda not new to Kannada's audience. In addition to being one of the most popular faces on Kannada television, the actress is also a social media enthusiast.

Neha recently took control of her social media and shared a series of photos from her school days. Interestingly, she has also featured her husband. ' Chandan 'in the photos.

While one photo is from his first annual standard day, the other photo was taken when he was in seventh standard. Well, that is not all. Highlighting herself and her husband in the picture, the actress also showed her witty side in the post.

neha embed

For the uninitiated, Neha Gowda got married to the love of her life Chandan in the year 2018. A childhood friendship that blossomed to love at a very tender age, Neha avers that she had been dating Chandhan for a longer run.

The couple has completed their schooling together and has been in touch even after their graduation from school. While Chandan is an entrepreneur, Neha has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

On a professional front, lovingly known as the ' Gombe 'from the Kannada television world, Neha rose to fame for her on-screen character' Shruthi 'in mega-serial' Lakshmi Baramma '. For six years Neha lived and loved the Shruthi character.

Additionally, she was last seen playing the role of a hostess in a newly released daily soap 'Moorugantu'.