Exclusive: This is why TV presenter Shilpa Chakraborty decided to stop using Tik Tok

Between COVID-19 spread, demand for a ban on Chinese gadgets and apps like Tik Tok It is also frequent on social networks. In a conversation with ETimes TV, TV presenter Shilpa Chakraborty stated that she had already stopped using the Chinese app.

Commenting on the same, Shilpa said, “I've been reading a lot on COVID-19 pandemic and I felt the demand for a ban on Chinese applications it's legitimate In a way, it could also help foster our indigenous apps and gadgets. Anyway, it's just my choice to stop using the app.

Sharing her thoughts on using various other Chinese applications , she said, “Yes, me, my kids and I’m sure we are using many other essential and non-essential Chinese applications , too. In a situation like this, we are compelled to depend on certain things like the COVID-19 kits that we are importing from China. But I felt things like Tik Tok can be stopped at least.”

She adds: I don't know, right now my mood is like that. I am not sure to come back later.

Shilpa claims that her locality in Hyderabad is under a strict lockdown after a COVID-19 positive case was reported recently. She added that she is trying hard to keep herself and her kids engaged and positive during the lockdown. Shilpa further hoped that the extension of lockdown will help curb the spread of COVID-19 and she only wished some relaxation for daily wage workers sometime soon as they are struggling to make ends meet.