Rucha Inamdar channels her indoor photography skills amid the running of the bulls

As the period of confinement has led us to remain inside, many of them are channeling their inner talent. Some turn to the kitchen, while others work in the garden. Everyone has found one way or another to make sure they stay busy amid the chaos.

Similarly, actress Rucha Inamdar She also keeps busy with various activities and photography is one of them. the Wedding Cha Shinema The actress has been staying in her Mumbai department and believes this is the right time to do what we always wanted to do. It is time to improve the skills that were on our to-do list.

Sharing about spending time with his camera, Rucha jokes: “We always say that if I had time, I would have done it, if I had had time, I would have done it! So now is that time. This blockade, in a way, is giving us the opportunity to rediscover ourselves. I always loved shooting, but I never had time to do it wholeheartedly due to busy schedules. In fact, I bought a semi-professional camera a while back and hardly ever used it. However, the camera is finally out of my closet and being used. I am learning various aspects of photography and how to click images with various techniques. I understand the manual mode on the camera and it is really attractive. I always clicked on the photos on my phone when I was traveling or on vacation, but now I think I'm going to bring my camera too, he laughs.