#LockdownDiaries: Tushar Sadhu talks about a new skill he is acquiring during quarantine

With the lock now extended for a few more weeks, this is no better time than now, to gain some life skills and upgrade. Ratanpur actor Tushar Sadhu He also believes in doing the same. When asked about what kept him busy, Tushar shares: Well, doing all kinds of household chores keeps me busy, especially sweeping and mopping.

He also adds: I have started to learn cooking and do some online courses on the various nuances of social media, especially Youtube . It is an online course and I spend about an hour daily learning new skills. How is a certified course I hope that once the lock is lifted I can put them to good use. As for the kitchen, I can make a decent tea, cook rotis and sabzi Although my rotis they are not round, I'm almost there (laughs).