These days I have been listening to Jazz and it really calms me down: Parth Oza

While the first 21 days of emergency shutdown was all about getting adjusted to the new routine, facing issues to balance work-life challenges, sudden feelings of being trapped at home and the fear of the unknown - COVID-19, somehow we all managed to get past it and look forward to a life post the emergency shutdown .

However, with the extension of the emergency shutdown , many of us are now feeling all sorts of emotional, physical and mental crisis. And our D-town celebs are no different. While many are taking up new hobbies and making sure to invest their time by looking after their health, actor-singer Parth Oza has found a new love well we're talking about Jazz music.

There's so much happening around us, so much uncertainty, stress, and negativity that it is important to take up a hobby or take out some time for yourself so that it helps you realign your emotional and mental health. For me, it was rediscovering my love for Jazz. Every time I listen to this genre or listen to a new artist I feel calm and relaxed. With a bit more time in hands, I'm surely going to dive deeper into this genre.