Exclusive! 'Soyarabai' is the most misunderstood character, says Shruti Marathe, who will get a little dark in her next

Shruti Marathi's next periodic movie ' Sarsenapati Hungry 'directed by the actor-director Pravin Afternoon has been creating quite a stir on social media.

The 'Sangharsha Yatra' actress is shaking the headlines when she revealed that she will be playing a role ' Soyarabai 'in the next periodic movie.

However, the filming of the film was suspended after the coronavirus sprout and now the actor is quarantined at home. In an exclusive interview with ETimes , Shruti opened up about her character in the film. Shruti said 'Soyarabai' is the most misunderstood character and people may say that she was very negative and gray shade character. If we look from her perspective, I think whatever she did was right and she did it for her son

Talking about the challenges she faced while portraying gray shade character, Shruti said Pravin helped me a lot to develop the character. He narrated the story as it is and also gave us the facts to explain Soyarabai 's character

Soyarabai Bhosale was one of the eight wives of Chhatrapati Shivaji , the founder of Maratha empire in the West India . She was the mother of Shivaji's second child, Rajaram Chhatrapati .

The film is getting a great response only to the release of its poster. The film is slated to be released soon.