Agnisakshi actress Ashmita Karnani gives her husband Sudhir a whole new look; view photo

The blockade officially runs until May 3, and actors continue to look for ways to keep them engaged. Now Ashmita became a barber for her beloved husband Sudhir. He took Instagram to share a video where Sudhir is initially skeptical about Ashmita’s skills and she asks if he has no confidence in her. But Sudhir eventually gets a haircut that he is quite pleased with. In the post, Sudhir thanked wife Ashmita for a ‘wonderful haircut’.

He wrote: Haircut done by my wife @ ashmita_9 and @kushalkarnani

Thanks guys for a wonderful lock haircut 😀

#lockdownindia #stayhome #staysafe #sudhirsdanceoholics (sic)

Fans on social media fell in love with the couple again.

Ashmita and Sudhir are one of the TV couples who are having some quality time together during the lockdown. They are often sharing home workout and cooking videos encouraging everyone to strictly stay indoors during the lockdown.

In one of her recent interactions with fans on Instagram, Ashmita mentioned that the quarantine phase helped her realize that life is precious. He added that he will soon have biryani with the family once the closure is over. Ashmita took the #StayAtHome viral challenge from Karthika Deepam actor Nirupam Paritala, and nominated his good friends Hariteja and others on it.

On the work front, Ashmita is known for her performances in Padmavyuham, Chandramukhi, Sravan Sameeralu, her performance in Agnisakshi is also widely acclaimed. Sudhir is a popular choreographer. The couple is currently seen in Ohmkar ’S Ishmart Jodi .