Actor Gourab Chatterjee finds solace on the guitar

the emergency shutdown phase is tapping the creative side of many people. While some are spending time with paintbrush and colours just like they did during childhood, some are trying to devote more time for music and dance. Our popular Bengali actors are no exception. They are also trying to utilise the emergency shutdown phase in the most creative ways.

Actor Gourab Chatterjee has found solace in playing guitar . the actor has always been passionate about guitar but couldn’t devote much time due to a hectic shoot schedule. Now that he doesn’t have to rush to the shooting sets abiding by the call time, he is happily spending more time honing his guitar skills.

Besides playing guitar , Gourab is working out hard at home to stay fit. the actor is a fitness freak and never skips his workout sessions despite a hectic shoot schedule. Ever since the emergency shutdown has been announced, Gourab is following simple freehand exercise at home to stay fit. He has been inspiring his fans to follow simple workouts at home to stay healthy.

Gourab is quite successful in his career. Currently, he is playing the character of Mathuramohan in Ditipriya Roy vintage drama starrer ‘ Rani Rashmoni ’. Gourab, who made his television debut with Durga Daily Soap, underwent a major transformation for his latest project. The public has praised him for portraying the character quite convincingly.